Why Work Days?

Our Spring Work Days are scheduled for Saturday March 5th and March 12th from 8am-2pm. They are scheduled squarely in the middle of Lent and before Spring Break and Holy Week! Perfect timing! But why Work Days, you ask? There are volunteers at the Farm every week, right?

Work Days are a much bigger task, more work AND more fun than your average Saturday! Having a larger workforce makes lighter work, greater enthusiasm amongst all involved, AND we provide snacks, lunch, and expert direction.

So, in case you were curious, here’s a lightly numbered list of the reasons why we commit to these focused work days.

#1 Heavy lifting and big accomplishments!

Giant piles of mulch, quarter-acre plots to be tilled, thousands of seeds and seedlings to be planted!  It takes much more than two or three volunteers to get this groundwork efficiently completed, and having crews for each task make them go a lot faster — in one day we can accomplish a great deal, but we need great crews to do so. We need at least 20-30 volunteers for each work day to get these tasks accomplished.


#2 A not-too-intimidating introduction to the Farm

It can feel a little strange to just decide to come out to the Farm on a Thursday afternoon or Saturday morning (though we encourage it!) — being a part of the Work Day crowd is a great way to get a sense of what we do on a weekly basis, no long-term commitment necessary, with longer hours for you to come when you can (8-2) and two days to choose from (though you’re welcome at both!).


Laying weed barrier with the old hands.

#3 Fellowship!

A lot of folks bring their families, student groups come out together, Farm regulars and newcomers alike work side by side, and sometimes even a priest or two show up! And there is an ebb and flow throughout the day, folks taking breaks to snack and visit and then return to chatting as they work. You might see an old friend or make a great new one! Engaging in service together is a wonderful feeling in full effect on Work Days.


Pretty much constant fun.

#4 Reaping the benefits!

It’s truly amazing to see what comes of our Work Day planting efforts — spring and summer at the Farm are full of bountiful crops well into September and October like squash, peppers, eggplants, and more tomatoes than you can possibly imagine. All because of the efforts of Work Day volunteers in early March!


Mouthwatering rewards.

Need more convincing? Write us at stlouisfarmatx@gmail.com or follow us on Facebook at St. Louis Farm! Hope to see you there!




It’s officially Fall! (And the Fall Work Days are DONE!)

We had so much fun at our Fall Work Days the past few weekends! Thank you a thousand times to everyone who came out, we absolutely could have not done it without you!

The first work day was nice and cool, great for pulling weeds, clearing overgrown fields and laying down compost. Lots of heavy lifting and parades of wheelbarrows.

Work Day 2 was a little sunnier, but just as great — we had a phenomenal contingent of grad students out, forming rows to plant in, stopped for pizza provided by the Knights of Columbus, and then the hay barrels got rolled out to provide a natural weed barrier.

Look at those gorgeous new rows! *Swoon!*

Thank you again to everyone who came out and stayed tuned as we watch our fall crop begin to grow and bear fruit.

What do we do on Work Days?

Our Fall Work Days are coming up on September 12th and 19th (from 8am to 2pm! Be there!)— these events are how we prepare the Farm for a successful fall and winter season. This will be the beginning of the Farm’s third year in operation and we need your help — please help us in our mission to provide fresh vegetables to the St. Louis Food Pantry year-round!

Everyone is welcome at the workdays–come when you can and help as you’re able!
Snacks, drinks, and lunch will be provided, as well as babysitting for children 5 and under in Wozniak Hall. Please bring gardening tools to use if you have them (gloves, shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows especially needed — the farm has a stash but not enough for a big crowd).  There’s no need to RSVP, but if you’d like a reminder, sign up on our Facebook Event Page!

Here’s a little look into some of the sorts of things we’ll be doing, courtesy of our last work day!

Tilling and clearing fields!


Rebuilding and mulching new rows!

Planting colder-weather crops like kale, collards, broccoli, and spinach.

Snacking and chatting!

Working with fellow Farm fans old and new, young and old in the service of our brothers and sisters in need!


We look forward to seeing you there!